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Cover photo by
Richard Pettibone
of Milford, CT

The Gray Lady of the Harbor by Leah Angstman - winner of the 2013 poetry contest

The Gray Lady graces herself with a thick shawl
of silvery wool, white-flecked with lace
where some specks show through between brooch clips
of sparkling blue and green rhinestones.
She is lazy in her foggy wiles,
traipsing demurred ankles off dock ends,
a lady of the harbor, just come in from sea
enjoying her land legs.

Misters Sankaty and Brant wink at her with desire,
stand themselves upright as gentlemen for the noticing
when she veils her heavy lids, fans her lashes,
lowering them as she passes -
covers the night, into morning with her charms,
lifts herself off by afternoon as if she'd grown wings -
wings that will bring her back to the harbor,
to her senses, to her winking men,
come eve.

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